Deadline: August 15, 2018

Are you a changemaker between the ages of 13-25 years? Are you based in Nigeria, Kenya, Benin Republic or Cameroon? Do you have an issue that you care about in your community? Do you want to solve this issue? If yes, this is your chance to access a small grant to help you bring positive change to your community!

OneAfricanChild Foundation and Peace First are partnering to support projects with different issues such as education, environment, gender equality, social inclusion, health, technology, etc. All what you need is to create a project to solve an issue you care about in your community; an issue that affects the people in your community. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with them.


OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning was established on November 20, 2013, as a non-governmental organization with the motive of supporting disadvantaged community children with leadership skills and resources necessary for them to become proactive agents of change in their local communities. By focusing on Global Citizenship and Peacebuilding Education (GCED), the organisation serves to transfer skills in ethical leadership, creativity and innovation to learners, creating free spaces for self-expression, imagination and implementation to lessons learnt to address local issues.

Peace First is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people around the world to become powerful peacemakers by: Investing in their ideas Providing them with tools and skills, Connecting them with other awesome young people around the world and Sharing their stories and impact with the world.


  • Open to changemakers between the ages of 13-25 years
  • Applicants must be based in Nigeria, Kenya, Benin Republic or Cameroon
  • Have an issue that you care about in your community and want to solve


Click here to apply.

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