This is a beginner level training
Armed with a pencil, a laptop and the right software, a designer can work anywhere in the world. They grow up with a world of opportunities.
As a designer they will be creating unique work you can be proud of and sharing it with the world.
Life as a designer is never dull with every day throwing up a new creative challenge.

Graphics design is a surefire way to make money. With proficiency in graphics design, you could work as an employee or a free lancer. You could even set up your own organization.

The MUDiA Project in partnership with Google’s Developers Group Benin and Google for Entrepreneurs is having a summer graphic design training.

Physical Training : August 7th to 31st (3 days a week) at the MUDiA Hub, Benin City, Nigeria.


Online Training: August 7th to 31st (3 weekly one-on-one sessions)


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