Who can apply?
The program is designed for individuals from public or private sectors and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who strive to improve health in their communities and who want to have a real impact on the populations they serve. It is aimed at people faced with the challenge of developing new approaches for better health care service design and delivery in the community setting.

Successful candidates will have been trained as doctors, nurses, health educators or other health professionals who have subsequently become senior or high-potential managers in healthcare delivery organisations. Participants will typically:

Be senior or high-potential managers in healthcare services
Have 3 to 8 years of management experience
Be considered by their organisations to be capable of occupying positions of increased responsibility, particularly with respect
How to apply
Download and complete the application form and return to INSEAD.

Download Program Brochure [PDF]
Download Application Form [Word]

You can learn more about STICH on the INSEAD website.

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