The Digital Entrepreneur tool kit is designed to adequately equip you with all the skills required to build a long-lasting brand in this digital era and make your own kind of noise.

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  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to manage your spending and still build a great brand? 
  • Have you found that paying a graphic designer is digging deep into your pocket? 
  • You need to create video content. You can you record videos on your phone, but you don’t know how to edit it professionally? 
  • Are you having problems developing your brand identity online? Don’t even know where to start? Don’t even have the funds to a branding expert? 
  • Are you looking for how to take great and professional looking product photographs with the camera in your hands – phone? 
  • Are you looking for where you’ll learn the best digital marketing techniques you can use to elevate your online presence and thus increase sales? 

If you answered YES to the above questions, then you are welcome to the club 

Here’s the truth, being an Entrepreneur is challenging, fun, adventurous but can easily turn into an expensive hobby (You know that thing you like doing that keeps taking loads of money out of you).  

Here’s an even harsher truth, in this Digital era, it’s even more difficult to gain and maintain a presence online. It is quite easy to get lost in the horde of businesses online.   

If you are not pulling that revenue, in a short while, your business will be history. 

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So what to do?  

You and or your business, need to stand out clearly enough to remain in people’s mind. 

The fact is without a strong brand, you won’t market effectively, you won’t stick in our minds, you won’t be remembered and you won’t make money. 

Building a brand can cost you time (which is normal), but it will cost you a lot of money  (which you don’t really have now). 

So here’s the question, How do you want to build a strong brand without breaking the bank?  

Simple answer, DO IT YOURSELF. 

And if you don’t know how to?  

No need to worry. 

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The Digital Entrepreneur Tool Kit, is a 3-Day workshop created to help the side hustler, the entrepreneur and or self-employed go-getter to understand the ropes of

  • Digital Branding and Identity Development 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Video Editing  
  • Mobile Photography 
  • Social Media Marketing  
  • Content Creation 

Does this look like a lot for 3 days?  

Yes, we will make you leave the workshop charged to succeed in your business venture. 

Asides that, you’ll have lifetime access to free materials and application software to aid your journey. 

Get this whole package today for 



Instead of 


Offer lasts till ………… 

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Payment for this workshop:


Benin City [March 28th to 30th]
Port Harcourt [April 4th to 6th]
Lagos [April 25th to 27th]
Ibadan [May 9th to 11th ]
Abuja [May 23th to 25th]
Warri [June 6th to 8th]

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