This Programme will improve your professional writing. Improve your writing’s organization, logic, and style so that whatever kind of writing your work requires, you can get your point across eloquently and quickly.
Whether you are writing an email to your boss or an article to the editor, being able to craft your argument clearly and persuasively is essential. Employers today are looking for professionals who can clearly communicate messages across multiple channels.
You will then focus on effective business writing for emails, letters, memos, short reports, articles and more.

This Programme will delve into the mechanics of the writing process: identifying an audience, choosing the best structure, and revising early drafts of your work. You will build confidence as you practice planning documents, using organizational strategies such as headings and subheadings, and finding misused words and proofreading errors.

What will you learn?

  • Write effective emails, letters, memos, and reports.
  • Identify grammatical and punctuation problems in your writing.
  • Analyze a writing situation and determine the appropriate communication strategy, format, style, and content.
  • Organize information and ideas logically, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Apply organization and logic to your writing.
  • Get your point across clearly.
  • Write appropriately for your audience.
  • Edit and revise your own work.
  • Write with increased confidence.

What will it cost you?

N10,000 for the online training

N20,000 on-ground training (Benin-City)

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